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Latest Newsletter - 5th December

Upcoming Events

Friday, 5th December - School Disco 7pm

Friday, 12th December - Beach Ed. at East End (Team One and Two)

Monday, 15th December - Prizegiving at  Waitara High

Tuesday, 16th December - Last day for Year 1 - 5

Wednesday, 17th December - Last day for Year 6's (12pm)


 Monday 2nd February – First Day of Term 1, 2015

 Friday 6th February – Waitangi Day - SCHOOL CLOSED

Friday 20th February – LeppertonSchool Beach Day @ Ngamotu Beach

  Monday 9th March – Taranaki Anniversary Day – SCHOOL CLOSED

Saturday 21st March – Lawn Mower Racing Day

 Monday 30th March – Thursday 2nd April – Year 5 & 6 Te Wera Camp

 Wednesday 1st April – Weet-bix Tryathlon

    Thursday 2nd April – Last Day of Term 1


22 March, 2014  

Wow – what a day.  I think this year’s event exceeded everyone’s expectations.  The crowd was large and appeared to enjoy the spectacle, with many staying all day.  The feedback has all been positive and it has been discussed on radio and on social media networking and also a burst in The Daily News.

Where to start with the thanks.  Those parents that helped on activities and with cooking - YOU ROCK!  So much more ended up being expected from everyone due to the large crowd, yet no-one complained with having to stay on an area longer than anticipated.  We also had teachers jumping in where needed and staying on activities for up to 3 hours.  Without your support, there is no way we could have run an event the size of which we did.  With such a successful day, we hope to be able to support the teachers and BOT with necessities for the school in the coming year.

Once again, the Bay of Plenty Club did a sterling job of keeping the racing going and at the end of the day, donated back to us the entry fee money (which is generally retained by the Club as they run the racing side of the event).  This generosity towards our fundraising was a great gesture by the Club.  Our thanks also to the Fielding Club for travelling up and adding to the racing – more mowers to watch was certainly thrilling.

To the teachers – thank you for putting up with us disrupting your classes in those weeks leading up to it.  In addition, Ada & Sue – sorry about anything we borrowed from the office and may have lost and not returned – you are most understanding and a great support for us.

There are way too many people to thank personally for assisting with this event, so please accept this as a personal pat-on-the-back for a job well done.

The interest that has come out of this can only enlarge any future events.  There are some that have already bought mowers after attending our event and lawnmower racing websites are going crazy with enquiries! 

We know that there are some areas to improve on, but I’m sure as a school community, we can rise to the challenge.  We have wonderful sponsors with Walker Bros Transport, Total Lubricants, Superior Stainless and Ag Traction – please support these businesses where you can as they support your school!!!!