Just a friendly reminder of our Parent and Teacher Calendar App. This can be used to send a text to the office to inform us if your child will be away sick, at the dentist/doctor, holiday or just running late. All you need to do is download The Parent and Teacher Calendar App, as shown in the picture. Once downloaded “CHOOSE YOUR SCHOOL” – click on TARANAKI and then LEPPERTON. CLICK on “ABSENTEE” and you can either send an SMS, CALL or EMAIL. CALL: If you call – it goes straight to the office phone and you have to wait and listen to our weary message (yes I know, it needs to be changed) EMAIL: Is rather cool too. We don’t really need caregiver information. Just the student’s name & reason. SMS: Personally, I think this is the best out of the 3. Another great feature is the CALENDAR. Our weekly newsletter is also in the app. Thank you to all the parents who have downloaded the app and are using it to inform us of absentees.


This is a huge day for the Lepperton School Communitiy. This year we had a record entry of 31 racers. It was an awesome day for everyone involved.


Room 1:      Dylan Langridge

Room 2:      Harry Monckton

Room 3:      Bree Hodges

Room 4:      Bianca Drinkwater

Room 5:      Nate Riddick

Room 6:      Xavier Martin

Room 7:      Charlie Sarten

Room 8:      Logan Darling

Latest Newsletter - 26th August

Thank you very much to our sponsors -  Fiona's Hair Salon, Fred and Tina Quilter, Glenn Stewart Farm Kill and Meat Processing, Goble Contracting, Lepperton Store, Maple Park Orchard, Paradise Valley Berry Farm, Sandfords Rural Carriers, Staplesrodway Chartered Accountants, TSB Realty, W Abraham Ltd, Versatile Homes and Buildings 


Friday 26th August - Daffodil Day

Thursday 8th September - Cluster Speeches

Wednesday 14th September - Cluster Cross Country

Wednesday 21st Hawera Cross Country

Friday 23rd September - Last Day of Term Three

Monday 10th October - First Day of Term Four

Saturday 15th October - Calf Day

Wednesday 16th November - Cluster Athletics

Thursday 15th December - Last day of Term Four 

Friday 16th December - Last half day for Year 6s only